Saakashvili Evaluates 2004

President Mikheil Saakashvili convened a press conference late on December 29 to evaluate 2004, saying that this was ?the most successful year in independent Georgia?s history.? But when asked about the failures in 2004, the President replied that he ?would not like to focus on that.?He said that the most important achievement of this year was reintegration of Adjara Autonomous Republic.Saakashvili said that the new government of Georgia could solve the problem of ?defiant Adjara without bloodshed? referring to peaceful ouster of self-minded ex-Adjarian leader Aslan Abashidze in May.The President also stressed that Georgia has strengthened its international positions. In this regard he spoke about the recent developments in Ukraine and said that ?the Ukrainian revolution triggered geopolitical revolution for Georgia.? He said, the November Rose Revolution, which ?gave Georgia a special status, would have stayed in isolation if not the recent developments in Ukraine.?  ?Our factor was rather important for the Ukrainian revolution … On the other hand Georgia is no more isolated… A state has emerged [in the region], which like Georgia, has chosen the way towards European integration,? Saakashvili said.  The Georgian President also focused on economy and said that the government could increase the budgetary expenditures for the first time during past years. He also stressed the importance of adopting new liberal tax code and the law on tax and financial amnesty.  Saakashvili said, the authorities also managed to establish ?state consciousness? and state institutions.  President also spoke about his closest allies and described Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania and Parliamentary Chairperson Nino Burjanadze as ?the best partners.?  ?Everybody kept saying that we would oppose each other, but this did not happen. We managed to unite our parties [the National Movement, the United Democrats] and establish a united team,? the President added.  Speaking about the country?s future plans, Saakashvili said, ?much has been done, but still much is to be done. The issue of Georgia?s reintegration should top the agenda.? He said that development of country?s infrastructures will be of vital importance. ?The development of Georgian economy greatly depends on the development of infrastructure. We need to attract investments and develop tourism,? the President said.  ?Things cannot be settled so quickly, within five months. I also thought so, but it is impossible. Everything needs time. However, I will do it within the term of my presidency,? Saakashvili added.

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