Georgia Launches Privatization of Hotels in Adjara

On July 5 Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania and Economy Minister Kakha Bendukidze presented a list of state-owned hotels in the autonomous Republic of Adjara which will be privatized.?Those who pay the most will receive these hotels,? Economy Minister Kakha Bendukidze said at the presentation, which took place in the Adjarian capital of Batumi.?We are interested in attracting serious investments into Georgia. We promise to remove all those artificial barriers which hamper the development of tourism in Georgia,? Zurab Zhvania said at the presentation on July 5.Selling state-run hotels in Adjara is a part of a vast privatization policy advocated by the Economy Minister.Last week Mr. Bendukidze submitted to the cabinet a list of enterprises to be privatized. The list includes around 50 enterprises and facilities in Adjara and 180 ? in the rest of Georgia.

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